5 Surprising Things That Will Be Like Money When SHTF

When SHTF and society collapses, paper money could be worthless. You will need other items to take their place and for bartering. Items that prolong life or make it more enjoyable will be very valuable commodities. You might want to start investing in some of these items now.  

Toilet paper 

You probably never thought of toilet paper as something rare. It will be after SHTF. It will be known as "rolled gold." Toilet paper will be an item that will be hard to make after a collapse, so stock up on it now.  

Water filtration kits 

Water may be the most important thing to have after a disaster. Clean, disease free water, that is. For that, you need a good water filtration kit.  


Even if you don't smoke or can't stand someone who does, you have to admit one thing... Many people will do anything for a smoke after a collapse. Cigarettes will be very good barter items.  


This will be a precious commodity, as it has been in the past all over the world. The word "salary" comes from the Latin word for "salt" because Roman soldiers were paid with salt. Salt is portable and can be bartered in any amount you choose.  


 These will keep people alive when the medical system breaks down and conditions are less than sanitary. Of course, you need a prescription, so they are hard to stockpile. However, you can get antibiotics for animals, such as fish, without a prescription. Many people say they are almost identical to the human versions.

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