7 Homesteading Skills You Should Teach Your Kids

More and more people are turning back to the skills from the past to become more independent or even just to escape the fast paced lifestyle that surrounds us.
You can pass these skills on to your children and grandchildren.
You will be teaching them valuable skills that will carry them through life.

Here are some skills you can teach your kids:


Start off with a fun project that your child will love to make.
For example, you can start with a simple square quilted baby blanket for a girl's doll crib.
It will teach her to cut fabric, use a sewing machine, and match colors.

Laundry/sorting/ironing/stain removal/drying

You can teach children as young as five to do laundry.
Probably the best way to start is to teach them how to sort clothes.
How to separate white s from colored clothes and towels from jeans, for instance.
You might find that your three your old soon learns how to fold clothes better than you.

Cooking/baking/meal planning/preserving

Give your child his or her own cookbook and they will soon love to make dinner for their parents.

Cleaning/schedules/bed making/organizing/natural cleaners

Cleaning their rooms is one of the first lessons most children learn.
Show them how to do it the correct way a few times.
Teach them how to organize their toys and make their beds.

Gardening/herbs/flowers/lawn care

Children love the outdoors, so gardening is the perfect way for the whole family to participate.
Teach them what weeds look like and what plants look like.
They will learn where their food comes from and how to feed their families by planting a garden.


Older children should learn all the basic skills they will need to provide warmth for their family.
Young children can start stacking and hauling wood, even if it is one piece at a time.

Hunting and fishing/gun safety/woods survival/butchering

Familiarize your children with chicken butchering, fish cleaning, and hunting safety from an early age.
They will learn early on where their food comes from and to respect the life cycle.
Children as young as six or seven can start learning basic small animal butchering.

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