5 things you'd never think of to stockpile for economic collapse

If you are cutting back budget now to get your money to stretch here is a tip, If you use a dryer and we know how much that cost.  If you can drape till almost dry then use dryer. If you cant do that put a dry towel in dryer with your wet clothes.  The dry towel helps soak up water from clothes and cuts down drying time a lot  Do 3 loads a week the time it saves is cut almost in half. Use the money you save to get more prep items.

Some things moms with babies want to look at getting are cloth diapers and wipes. Not only are these things great to have for if  SHTF  but also if mom runs out say in the middle of the night. Also think about if you have babies and are not breast feeding how you will feed a baby? It might be time to stock up on baby milk and other things like gum jel  for teething babies and creams. Learning somthing about midwifery is also a good plan. I offten see so many talking about adult survival but never have yet seen a thing for babies and children. I am learning how to make my own soaps and lotions as well as all the other household and body care items I would need in a bad situation. Not only is it better for me and my family right now, it will do well in bad times. Everyone needs to have books for plants and roots you can eat. Also one for healing herbs. One last thing you need lots and lots of is HONEY! Look up all of it's benefits to find out why.

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