SHTF: 4 Cheap Good Guns for all Prepper Needs

Pretty good choices for low cost reliable long guns. I have to disagree about not learning on a gun chambered for the .22 long rifle like the Ruger 10/22. The purpose of learning on a gun with low recoil is so you don't pick up bad habits of flinching or jerking in anticipation of the recoil. The lower recoil means you can fire more rounds and not worry about a sore shoulder and the low cost of .22lr rounds makes it cheaper to practice.

Learn to shoot with the gun with the least amount of recoil available to you. 22 is best. Then work your way up. Failure to do this will condition you with a flinching anticipation that will be hard to overcome for the rest of your life.

Stick with the most common calibers in your area. Find out what your military uses. I agree with CP about not being consumed with your gun preps but then again, all things being equal, he with the bigger armory has the advantage.

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