These Preppers Will Die When SHTF

Just because you 'prepare' doesn't mean you'll live through a disaster. In fact, you may even be more susceptible to being a victim compared to that of the average citizen. The difference between preppers that will live and preppers that will die in the event of a major catastrophe are clearly outlined in this video.

It blows my mind how much information people give away about their "prepping prowess" on social media.  As far as anyone knows about me I enjoy camping on my free time and I may or may not have a gun.  I figure no matter how good you are at prepping you are still just as vulnerable to a gun as anyone. I don't think a SHTF event will happen in my life time but its a mathematical probability that it will happen.  So keep the tradition alive so at least my kids or grandkids will have a chance.


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